Busi & Balanced Goal Accountability Program 

Introducing the Free Pilot Program for 30 days of accountability during the month of June.

Only 10 Spaces available to ensure a small group. 

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What is the Busi & Balanced Goal  Accountability Program?

It is a program designed to help small business owners create strategic business (or personal) goals, with a plan listing daily/weekly actions to complete until the goal is reached.


Each week you will submit your accomplishments and join a group check-in to review results. Members will earn points for completing their goal actions and engaging in the group. A scoreboard will be posted for prize winnings. 

This program is for the employee/CEO who desires to accomplish more in there business but lack the accountability they need.


This person knows they can do more but, they just need a little push and trusted accountability. 

NOT someone who will stop holding me accountable after 1 week. 

Get the Free 30-Day
Busi & Balanced Goal Accountability Trial

Having business goals and feeling like it's taking forever to achieve them is stressful, discouraging and even depressing. You might have thought...


"Only if I had someone to discuss my business goals with, to check-in with, someone to track my progress and someone willing to hold me accountable, not for just a week."

Now you do! Try out our Free 30-Day Trial during the month of April. 

Only 10 Spaces Available.
~a few spots left!~

Busi & Balanced Goal Accountability
Program Includes...

Bi-Weekly Group Check-Ins

Join the Busi & Balanced Community on Facebook for weekly LIVE video call group check-ins. 

Personal Weekly Goal Reminders

Get a reminder of your goal and weekly/daily actions sent to your email or phone via text message.

Daily Action Tracking

Submit your progress everyday or every week for points and let us take care of the tracking. Your weekly progress will be posted on the B&B score board on this page. 

Goal Progress Review

Review your performance weekly and determine how you are progressing towards your goals, creating a new strategy if needed.

Registration is Open! 
I'm super Duper excited to start working with you.

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Busi & Balanced Goal
Accountability Program - June
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