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Since childhood, my desire has been to teach financial intelligence and educate business savvy in others.

Through the success principles taught to me by my grandfather, I’ve been able to manifest my dreams and goals for both of our benefit.


Before the age of 28, I earned a Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Business Administration, both in financial management from Franklin University. As well, I earned a certification as a financial education instructor and become an award-winning public speaker.

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I’ve developed my own businesses including an inspirational apparel line and a financial literacy organization for the youth. All of my endeavors are imbued with the theme of influencing an abundance mindset and financial wherewithal.


As an entrepreneur and public speaker, I understand deeply the importance of financial literacy and the positive impact it can make on individuals, families and business owners. But I discovered that there was a lack of quality financial education products available to the mainstream. This dissatisfaction motivated me to create my own in depth products and services for financial wellness that were easy to understand and affordable.

BusiLife Enterprises (business planning and life balance) is my answer to this void in the marketplace. It is my belief that financial freedom begins with freeing ourselves of mental limitations, fears, and negative beliefs that hinder our abundance.

Once your mind is clear, helping you to achieve your financial and business goals is much easier for me to do. With that ease, I'm able to analyze your current financial situation, offer you my practical principles/ strategies, and help you prepare for the success that is yours.


If you are a new or struggling business owner, let me help you get unstuck, focused, and decisive. Grab my FREE business strategy guide and so that you have a blueprint for success and the confidence to take major action.