Busi & Balanced Goal Accountability Program 

Check-In Page

Hey CEO! Welcome to the Home Page for the accountability program. I am so super freakin excited to be on this journey with you. Reference this page for program information, it will be updated periodically.

Remember Stay Connected, to Be Accountable!

This Weeks Scoreboard! 

Last Updated: Sunday. 5/15

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Points are counted every week and will be posted here and in Facebook Group - Strategic Entrepreneurs In Action every week. 

The week new begins every Sunday, and ends every Saturday. 

Check out what's all included in your accountability membership!

Zoom in to see the details or download your copy below.

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Virtual - Group Accountability Check-In Sessions 

Every SUNDAY @ 7:00pm & Monday @ 8:00pm

To encourage accountability, and allowing flexibility 2 sessions are offered. The same information will be covered in each session, partners may attend both sessions if desired.  Attendance is required in at least 1 session in order to retain membership in the program.

The link will be sent via email.

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Don't forget to schedule your (2) accountability calls for this month. I suggest to schedule your call at the beginning of the 2nd and the month. 

Earn Points & Stay Motivated with a Team during your Goal Manifestation Journey!

Learn about the Points System!

As an accountability partner you can earn points by particpating in the program and interacting with the in the Facebook Accountability Group. Not only does earning points keep you accountable but it also keep you motivated during the journey of reaching your goals. 

Enjoy the benefits of your hard earned points by redeeming Busi-Life Service rewards at no charge!

Watch the video above or Check out the Points System Information sheet for more information. 

Goal Progress Check-In HERE